Sunday, October 4, 2015

HOME TOUR || Home Down Under

Every so often you come across a place you wish was your own! This fab home is in Melbourne, Australia. I love all that light pouring in and how spacious it is. Even though I like the open shelving in de kitchen pantry, I don't understand why one would need so many plates? Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

HOME TOUR || A touch of Africa

Stopping by real quick to share with you this beautiful home. It's light and fresh with a touch of Africa visible in the home accessories. Enjoy the tour!

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Monday, April 13, 2015


If you're like me you start feel restless once life becomes too comfortable. I need to feel like I'm evolving, learning or doing new things. Although the comfortable and known can feel nice and safe, nothing grows there. Great things usually happen when you get out of your comfort zone. So here are a few words of inspiration to kick-start the week. And let's step out of that comfort zone, even if it's a little step, and see what happens. Have a great week! 

Source image: unknown. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MOCCA & ME QUICK LIST || Week 13/2015

Hello there! It's that time, peeps! Here is a quick list of fun and interesting links I stumbled upon the past week. And of course some eye candy.

Have a great week!
Natascha xoxo

Eye candy

Who needs fifty shades of grey? Three or four will do the job, as you can see in this beautiful grey living room. By creating a grey basis on the walls and using more shades of grey but in different textures - like velvet (couch) and silk (pillows) - you create a layered and chic room. Add a few black and white and brass items and your grey room will never get boring. And how about layering two different carpets? Great idea!

How to (or not to) sell a Banksy
If you are into street art/graffiti you will enjoy reading this article How to sell a (stolen) Banksy: Chris Thompson's art world nightmare. The article is about the documentary 'How to sell a Banksy' that was released to iTunes this past February. It tells the story of Thompson who - after stealing one of Banksy's pieces about a decade ago and restoring it years later - reckons he could sell the nicked Banksy for some serious cash. What should have been a simple plan turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. I'm really curious to see the documentary now.

Recipe tip
I'm kinda crap at cooking. I love to eat, but cooking not so much. The BF is so much better at cooking than I am so whenever I can get away with it, I'll have him cook. Food just tastes so much better when he makes it. But sometimes I feel like I an a-hole for not cooking as much and I'll have a go at something easy. So, I'm always looking for new easy recipes. I found this classic carbonara recipe that looks like something even I can't mess up, ha! I'll be trying it soon. Because who doesn't love a good carbonara, right?

Photography tip #1
I've been following Dutch photographer Claire Droppert on Instagram for a while now and her work is stunning! Hop on over to the website for inspiration and you'll find some of her work is for sale as well. Joy!

Photography tip #2
In the Netherlands and anywhere near The Hague? Then you need to check out world famous Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn's exhibition at the Gemeente Museum. You have 'till june 21st.

Design events
Just in case you missed my post about all European Design Events this year, here it is again:
List of European Design events in 2015. 

Sound bites
This catchy song 'King' by London based synth-pop band Years & Years has been stuck in my head for a while now. Makes me want to kick off my shoes, get on the table and dance. How about you?

Source image: unknow (via Pintrest).

Monday, March 23, 2015

HOME TOUR || Spacious and bright

This Norwegian house with it's high ceilings and big windows is a beautiful bright and spacious home. The decor style is minimalistic and nonchalant but is just enough. The open floor plan and cool kitchen give this space more than enough character. Enjoy!

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